Thursday, September 23, 2010

#3 Boise vs #24 Oregon State

Next up for our preview on this weekends games is #3 Boise State hosting #24 Oregon State. Kickoff will be at 7pm CST on ESPN.

While I'm not exactly a fan of Boise State, you have to admit that going undefeated since December 23rd, 2008 is impressive. Granted, they play schools like St. Mary's School for the Blind and Deaf to keep their undefeated streak alive. Also, keep in mind that St. Mary's is an all girls school. While most BCS teams in the nation play BCS level competition, BSU chooses to play their one "upper tier" opponent the first week of the season, giving them an entire summer to prep. After having a preseason ranking in the top 5-10, this one win propels them to the top, where they will stay due to playing middle school and peewee type teams throughout the year.

I knew this preview would be tough for me to do, given my absolute hatred for Boise State and their insanely soft schedule, but I'll bite the bullet. Regrettably, I may not be as unbiased as others.

Broncos junior quarterback Kellen Moore looks to keep the streak alive this weekend against the #24 Oregon State Beavers. Moore, a potential Heisman candidate, was 20-30 last week with 370 yards, 2 TDs, 1 interception in BSU's 51-6 win over Wyoming. Look for senior WR Titus Young (4 catches, 94 yards, 1 TD last week) to have another big game this weekend. Seriously, this dude is fast. Like, damn. Will Boise State be able to keep their streak alive? Will Kellen Moore fall and break his ankle, taking him out of the Heisman race and ensuring that the Broncos loose at least one game this season, dropping them to #15? Man, I sure hope not. Really.

On the other side of the ball, the Oregon State Beavers will be looking to make a statement. I have no idea who plays for OSU so I'll only be copy/pasting stats from, but I'm sure they have some fine athletes. At least they play decent schools, 6 of them being ranked in the top 25. If OSU doesn't win this game, it'll drop them out of the rankings and they'll become irrelevant until the Civil War on December 4th against Oregon.

Unfortunately, I expect BSU to win this game, despite cheering for OSU. In fact, I doubt it'll really be all that close. I could be wrong though. Actually, I'm usually wrong, but that's not the point.

Tomorrow evening I'll be previewing #17 Auburn hosting #12 South Carolina. This should be a good game.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#1 Alabama vs. #10 Arkansas

Over the next couple of days I'll be highlighting some of this weekends games. The first of which is arguably the biggest game of the weekend, with #10 Arkansas hosting #1 Alabama at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Kick-off will be at 2:30 CST Saturday and the game will be aired nationally on CBS. 

Many analysts see the SEC as down this year, and rightfully so. The traditional powers of Florida, Georgia, and to a lesser extent, LSU, aren't quite what they were in recent years. For Arkansas fans, this season feels like a perfect storm. This Saturday, however, the Razorbacks face their biggest test of the season at home against the defending national champions. 

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, who passed for 380 yards, 2 TDs, and no interceptions in a 31-24 win over Georgia last week, isn't looking for hype to win this game. 

“For a lot of teams, it might be a big distraction, but I think this team is mature enough to handle it and just get down to business, because what it comes down to is playing a football game,” Mallett said. “All the other stuff that comes with it really doesn’t matter to us. Winning that football game is what we’re going to work to do this week.” 

With Alabama's young secondary and Arkansas' many talented receivers, some are expecting the Razorbacks run a pass heavy offense this weekend. The only downside to that? In order to do so, the Razorbacks will have to find some glimmer of a running game. While they are 3rd in the nation in passing yards in just three games with 1,103 yards, they're a dismal 88th in total rushing yards with 348. There's no doubt in my mind that Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino will have a few tricks up his sleeve this Saturday.

On the other side of the field, the Crimson Tide's balance this year is a hot topic. Alabama coach Nick Saban is always known for his stout defenses, but this year, unlike last year, the offense is making people take notice. 

Alabama running back and last year's Heisman winner Mark Ingram made his '10 debut at Duke this weekend, rattling off a 48 yard run on his first carry of the season. He had 151 yards on 9 carries with two TDs. Quarterback Greg McElroy, has senior, hasn't lost a game as a starter since high school. McElroy had 258 yards passing, 3 TDs, and 1 interception in Alabama's game against Duke. 

No matter what team you cheer for, the atmosphere in Fayetteville will no doubt be electric this Saturday. Bobby Petrino, one of the best offensive coaches in the league squares off against quite possibly the best defensive coach in decades in Nick Saban. #10 at home vs. #1 in the nation. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Houston Down Two QBs

University of Houston quarterback Case Keenum is out for the season after tearing his ACL trying to make a tackle after an interception in Houston's 31-13 loss to UCLA.

That's the bad news. The worse news?

University of Houston *backup quarterback* Cotton Turner is out for the season after suffering a broken clavicle in the third quarter in Houston's 31-13 loss to UCLA.

That's gotta sting. While I've never been that high on Case Keenum, he does have some impressive stats and it really is heartbreaking to see him go down in his senior season when there are so many records he could have broken. Not to mention that he was a potential Heisman candidate.

Okay, not really, but I hear karma is a bitch and if Ryan Mallett gets injured, the suicide rate in Arkansas may jump a few percent. Better safe than sorry, right?

9/19/2010 Weekly Rankings

Here are the AP rankings for this week. 

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Oregon
6. Nebraska
7. Texas
8. Oklahoma
9. Florida
10. Arkansas
11. Wisconsin
12. South Carolina
13. Utah
14. Arizona
15. LSU
16. Stanford
17. Auburn
18. Iowa
19. Miami (FL)
20. USC
21. Michigan
22. West Virginia
23. Penn State
24. Oregon State
25, Michigan State

I know this looks pretty ghetto right now, but hopefully soon I'll be able to get a graphic for the weekly rankings. 

Also, can't wait for Boise State to fall on their faces. And Auburn. Yeah, screw those guys. 

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I have to get this out of the way right now. I'm a die hard Arkansas Razorback fan. I was born and raised in Arkansas and the Razorbacks are the team that I grew up watching. This blog won't, however, be a strictly Arkansas or SEC blog. While I may not know as much about them, I'll be spreading the love on other teams and conferences in the nation.

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